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It is well known that I always have an opinion and I am always willing to share, I have not been big into online reviews. Today, on Yelp I have reviewed a restaurant I like in Middletown, Taino Smokehouse. I do like to support local businesses and if reviews help, I am willing to do my part. Reviewing someplace like Denny’s or Olive Garden would be a waste of my time, in my opinion

I also reviewed my favorite shoes on Amazon. Hard for me to review a purchase as I am not a shopper and my budget has been very restricted the past few years. But I felt this product is was well worth a review on Amazon. Check it out!

As I stated previously, I am opinionated, but seldom take the time to do an online review. I am always willing to tell a friend, relative or even an acquaintance what I think of a product, restaurant or service. I think it is a generational thing, not doing the online reviews, and I always have something else to do. Some of it too is that almost everything s reviewed to the hilt, so why should I review it too, unless I have something new or contradictory to add.

I do take the time to check out hotel reviews and restaurant reviews when I do travel. I also used them this summer when I needed to buy a new fridge. I bought the fridge at the Sears Outlet, Scratched AND dented, but I checked out the brand and model before I bought. Maybe I will be a more active reviewer in the future.




Hersheys Bliss

The Bliss campaign was a success. launched into 10,000 homes of women in the 25-40 so right there they have hit a home run. Women in that age group and chocolate, can’t miss. And women naturally seem to like sharing information on products they like, so the transition into organic marketing grew like wildfire. If each party had 10 guests, that is 100,000 women, and the number will only grow from there. Building on the good name of Hershey and the fact offering women a free party with chocolate…that leads to math beyond…well, you get the idea. it was a can’t miss idea

Because this campaign was launched in 2011 I do feel it was at least somewhat revolutionary. Social Media Marketing was still in it’s infancy so this campaign was, in the realm of Social Media, something new. However putting your product in the hands of the consumer to promote is not new. Women have gathered for a long time, in each others homes to promote Tupperware, Party Light and Pampered Chef to name a few. Women talk about, share and promote the products. Social without the media.

For Hershey, the return on investment for this campaign was probably very swift. Hershey Bliss is a Convenience Shopping product and with a 150,000 advocates reaching 8 million other people using word of mouth, I am sure that Bliss was flying off the shelves. Easy to measure by the volume of product sold over a set time period. Reminder ads in magazines and on TV would remind women to pick up their Bliss the next time they are at the store

Hershey probably faired very well against the competition, at least for awhile. Because they were able to reach so many people with a fun event. But while Hershey is a well known, there are those who prefer Lindt, Godiva, Dove or even Munsons, so when the hype of this campaign settled I am thinking the playing field leveled off to pre Social Media. I am sure even their own Hershey Kisses became the leader of their line again.

Obviously Hershey put a lot into this campaign, and it was designed and executed by people with more knowledge than I. I do wonder if Hershey spent a lot to compete against themselves. They may have done better to do a more sustaining campaign to0 compete more against their competition. I would have made sure that at least half of the party givers were brand loyal to Dove, Godiva and Lindt.


When I design something, and need an image vector art, photos etc., I have to purchase the right to use the image. Often they also request that the original artist be credited. Personally I feel that if Michelle Phan should have to follow similar rules. In this case, using the music is part of what she uses to build her brand. And it is part of her money machine.

Ultra has produced this music for the profit of themselves and the artist makes It is because of ULTRA that this music is available. My suggestion would be that if Phan likes Kascades music, may be they should collaborate for some original music for her site.

Kascade is making a wise choice. He is piggybacking off of her fame, More people are hearing his music. Because of the controversy, he is getting a lot of press. Because of her popularity, he is wise to back off. you will make more friends if y9u go along with the “popular girl”.
I am taking the side of the record company. They have spent a lot of money to produce this music. Now she is using it for her own personal gain.  They deserve SOMETHING for the use of this music. Maybe they  work out a Pay Per Click deal.
I look at at the question as to whether I would go after people who have made money off of the covers of Frozen, I have to say a yes. I thought about the money that toymakers have to pay for the right to produce “Frozen” Toys. The key is people are making money off of what amounts to Disney’s Intellectual property. Property they spent a ton of money to develop this song. The property is theirs. If you are going to camp on it, you should pay

I am sure Disney has backed off for a couple of reasons: Disney is a HUGE giant who continues to make huge profits off of this song. While they have the resources to go after these people they have weighed the cost against the publicity that would make them look more evil and greedy than their worst villain in the virtual world of Social Media.  Sometimes it is just better to Let It Go

These issues used to be very cut and dried. Back in the day when the press could be more controlled. Social Media has changed all of that, and now all bets are off.

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LL Bean

LLBean100thGreenBaseLL Bean, an iconic brand in New England. Know for their outdoor and recreational products, and their return policies and 100% Guarantee. I decided to chef them out on YouTube.

The first video that I checked out is L.L.Bean: Terry the Bootmaker. This is a fairly short video (1:27) with the warm folksy feeling one would expect from L.L.Bean. Uploaded in 2011, this video has had 24,476 but only had 8 comments. One comment requested a wider women’s size, the rest were an almost even split of positive and gibberish. There was no sign of an company feedback on the company produced video.

Moving on to the next selection, while wondering if Terry is still working or perhaps retired, I choose a from 2010, Go Behind-the=Scenes at L.L.Bean with Rob Caldwell. Produced by L.L.Bean, this video is narrated by a local news person and about 6 min. long. According to YouTube, there have been over 13,000 views of the video, but there were only 5 comments. Two comments are negative about the brand but the other 3 are very complimentary. Hardly enough either way to sway anyone’s opinion.

When I went looking for a Bean video NOT by L.L.Bean I found one about the boots that Terry makes. L.L.Bean Boots Review and Sizing. Published by Shawnee Union. This video has had about half the number of views of Terry the Boot Maker,but over double the comments. Shawnee Union however responds to comments with questions and concerns.

I explored many brands before settling on L.L.Bean. I could not find brand name videos with comments. I checked Tide, Tide Pods, Science Diet Pet Foods, Heinz Ketchup and Suave before settling on L.L.Bean. This assignment has left me with the question: For brand names set up alter ego accounts such a Shawnee Union to set up these review type videos while they brand the promotional videos.

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